Manual Disability Deception; Lies Disability Educators Tell and How Parents Can Beat Them at Their Own Game

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This means that my son Tommy's reading is at least 2 years below his grade appropriate peers.

‘I can’t let it rule my life’: Lindsey, 41

I am very concerned that if Tommy does not receive appropriate instruction in reading, his like will be negatively affected forever. The Orton-Gillingham Methodology of simultaneous multisensory instruction has many years of research to back its effectiveness with teaching children to read.

I have information on this methodology that I would like to share with the IEP team. Tommy, not only needs an Orton-Gillingham reading program, but the person who is teaching him must be trained in this area. My son also needs to receive the program for the recommended length of hime, not less. Tommy is currently receiving 30 minutes a day of reading instruction while the Orton-Gillingham program recommends xx amount per day of instruction.

Thank you for working with me to help my son learn to read. Mention at the beginning of the meeting that you have a parent input statement to share with the IEP team. Bring up the statement when you think it is an appropriate time. Bring enough copies for everyone at the meeting, and make sure that it is attached to your child's IEP. A parent input statement will help you clearly state what educational or related services that your child needs. Remember that for your child to receive an appropriate education the instruction they receive must "give meaningful benefit" to your child.

JoAnn Collins is the mother of two adults with disabilities, and has helped families navigate the special education system, as an advocate, for over 15 years. For more information on the book, testimonials,and a link to more free articles, go to: www. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice Autism Treatment without medicine in Mumbai Kailash Mantry. Anesthetic skeptics make intrusive public health strategies greater probably.

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Login Help. By JoAnn Collins. Average: 0. Your rating: None. Tips for writing a parent input statement: 1. I read these stories and I know that I am not alone.

Do Video Games Discriminate Against People with Learning Disabilities? - RANT

I'm trying to protect my little boy and I feel like I'm failing him because like the others, the smear campaign against me and the lies he tells to my son I cannot do anything except ignore them. The motion he filed in court is so outrageously unbelievable it's laughable.. I document everything and both my son and I are in counseling. I fear the future for my son, I just wish someone would see the truth.

Thank you for your article. We are in court for custody with my ex. By court request we both had psychological evaluation. Family court psychologist found my ex has " narcissistic traits with lack of empathy" and " no emotional connection to the child" I am wondering if the court will consider these conclusions in decision about custody.

This article was the first I've read that perfectly describes my ex. I have been in and out of family court for four years. The trauma, constant threats, harassment, stalking, lying, accusations, CPS calls, police reports, gas lighting and manipulation have all become unbearable. Every claim he has made against me has been proven false. I have complied with every order, I have never withheld our child from him, I have participated in co-parenting counseling which was the biggest joke , I have not asked him for one single thing other than to focus on being a father.

I am solely responsible for our child in every way. He pays for nothing, he buys nothing.

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His social media accounts are filled with pictures and stories of what a great father he is while simultaneously playing the victim bad talking me and claiming parental alienation. He has sent my child home with multiple injuries burns, bruises that he could not explain, my child received a concussion while in his care at 1yr old and instead of bringing him directly to the hospital he made me meet him there because he was 'afraid he would get arrested'.

Recently found out that he had hundreds of recordings of my child being interrogated, like a criminal at a police station. He would force our child to sit down and ask questions about me, show pictures of people I may or may not know, he was feeding information and calling my child a liar when the response was "I dont know".

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I'm not sure whats worse? The fact that over the course of 7 months of non-supervised visits my child was being emotionally, verbally and psychologically abused? The fact that this abuse has been captured on film? The fact that my ex thought these recordings were evidence against me? He is currently demanding that our child be placed in foster care because of my "multiple issues". He has a binder full of the diagnoses he claims I have.

Diagnosis of Disabilities and Special Education Eligibility

When he refused to return my son after a visit, I called the police who said they couldn't do anything as that's the father so technically no one's missing. The judge told me to wait a few days to see if he would return. After crying and begging the judge to please at least find out where my child was because my ex refused to tell me then blocked my number the judge called him and threatened him with a warrant if he didn't disclose where they were and when they would return.

I was told they were in another state and would return in three days and that's that. I was told it was an obvious misunderstanding.

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Anyway, I need advice, I am supposed to go back to court next month to start trial, because he says I 'manipulated the doctor and I am the sick one and the evaluations are flawed'. He is on attorney number 8 because he either fires them or they motion to be dismissed. What can I do or ask for? Why isn't anyone taking his mental illness seriously?

I need help. I have read your article and read the blog below.

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In your defence there is no way to completely the capture the extent and depth of the NPD parent. I agree with the writer who says that the child rarely refuses contact with the NPD parent until old enough to understand that the behaviour is not right and this may never happen for the child who is the parent's pet.

I am the step parent of twins and I am up against an NPD mother - she hasn't broken me in 13 years but she's had an excellent crack at it.

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  7. We have custody because her sense of self-importance was greater than her commitment to her children. She thought she was punishing her ex and me by handing over the children. When the children were settled and comfortable and doing well she ditched her second husband and then swooped on our household. She knows that as a step parent trying to explain to teachers and doctors and lawyers that the mother is dangerous is in fact detrimental to me and so I have learned to wait for her to reveal her true self to them. Her recent swoop and gas-lighting of the children was masterful abuse of an extroadinary calibre.

    But for some basic mistakes she may well have succeeded - the trauma bonding that was developing was scary. For us it is about staying out of court because of the lack of continuity and understanding of NPD and the impact on children, but recording everything to show the pattern of behaviour if we have to use it. These children have recovered and are once again in a good space aiming high and free to be themselves. The scapegoated child has learned to manage her relationship with her mother. She knows there will be a next time - there always is but she is better able to deal with it.

    It is the golden child that I worry about. A look, a word, silence, broken promises can shackle him in no time at all and cause him extreme anxiety - yet he will still say that he wants to live with her. Living with her means a childhood of neglect, emotional absence and psychological abuse which we cannot explain to him and expect him to comprehend. I have raised her children with their father but I am the worst person in the world if you ask her.

    She does not look upon her children and see their achievements - she looks upon as the nest opportunity to hurt me. The legal system does need to address this issue without the gender bias. My daughter just went thru this and "he", the sperm donor, got full custody of my grandson and my daughter had to get a loan against her family car, because he placed a lien on her house to pay his court fees. He is a master manipulator, he is very intimidating and I don't even want to deal with him. I babysat one night and just because I didn't hear my phone, he sent the police to my house to do a welfare check.

    He's also filed complaints with CPS on at least two occasions and nothing was found. Oh just thinking or talking about this A.. Hole makes me sick to my stomach. I wish the Judge had taken more time to research this and had read this article. This was a very informative article, thank you! Having been the victim of an extreme NPD wife for many years, and the victim of Domestic Abuse from the same, I wholly agree with and recognise everything in this article.

    I never post comments, however this one is exemplary, the most accurate one I have seen to date. Thank you William for sharing this article. Sorry for your pain and that you feel that way about the article effort, Mud.