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These devices are denoted by unique device ordering codes. This range addresses the majority of infotainment and ADAS applications where vehicles must operate in a wide range of ambient temperature conditions, as well as the extremes associated with specific component locations within the vehicle for example, small spaces with low airflow and nearby heat sources. Intel will continue to evaluate requests from its customers in addition to developing new products suitable for automotive applications.

We expect to see additional programmable and ASIC products added to the automotive-grade portfolio in the future. Intel has a sophisticated quality assurance system based on infrastructure designed to support a zero PPM roadmap and ISO certification. Intel and its partners offer a wide range of tools to help you resolve common automotive design challenges and significantly shorten your design cycle. Get started. Contact us. View all applications.

Learn how these powerful devices can be customized to accelerate key workloads and enable design engineers to adapt to emerging standards or changing requirements. View all devices. Safari Chrome IE Firefox. In-Vehicle Experience IVE Consumers are expecting the same look and feel from their infotainment systems as their smart phones and value in-car technology as much as their car's driving performance. Functional Safety An increasing number of advanced safety systems require ISO and other related functional safety certifications.

Electric Vehicles The recent development of hybrid-electric vehicles HEV and electric vehicles EV has accelerated innovation and improved efficiency in electric motor controls, power conversion, and battery management systems.

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Security Security is a key requirement to build a robust automotive system. Why are extended temperature solutions needed in automotive applications? Will other Intel products be offered in the automotive grade? Are Intel automotive-grade products pin-to-pin compatible with commercial, industrial, and extended temperature products?

Are there data sheets for Intel's automotive-grade products? You obviously haven't heard them. They're loud.

Much nicer to replace them with a Vantec stealth fan or somesuch. On a related note, don't buy your case from Intel. They use a Delta mm fan, which is famous for being the loudest fan in production. Sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

Once I replaced the rear mm fan, and the front 90mm fan, the two CPU fans became quite noticable. Replaced those, and now it sounds like a normal system. Because the stock Intel HSF is too damned loud? And because this has varied over time, the Intel fans used to be quiet but recent ones are noisy.

I buy whatever is in stock, and lately have been throwing out a lot of those noisy pieces of junk. We replaced them with Zalman copper flower coolers and have been happy ever since. Now I kind of misspoke when I said that H was the lowest rating. There are passenger tires which are unrated and all are supposed to conform to minimum DOT specs, then they give tread life and traction ratings.

But here there is no legal requirement for any particular tire on any particular vehicle. Plus, you're never, ever going to get wheels with a dish that deep and three studs - the centre of the tyre is directly in line with the balljoints in the hub, so the wheel has fairly odd geometry. The apparent lack of front brake discs freaks out the spotty youth in the local tyre-fitting cent.

Aw crap, three lug?

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There's a renault dauphin that's been in the auto body shop at school for a couple years now that we always laugh at as we go by - especially the wheels. You would think that the tire guys over there would have seen inboard brakes before, though. Heck even the parking brake on my Dodge Phoenix 2dr. Dart was a disc brake at the back of the transmission. The horrifically noisy and weak AMD fans and their associated undersized heatsinks may be 'good enough' for people who are used to Windows crashing every couple of days, but it's not good enough for me.

What the fuck are you talking about? Stock cooling is fine for most people that don't live in the middle of the desert. The question is, in the installation instructions, I'd be sure they specify to use a fan, however, do they specify to use the supplied fan? There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Apparently the fan and the CPU's serial must match or else there is no warranty.

That's not you, right?

This 'policy' is not listed on the warranty card or on their website. Has anyone else experienced this with Intel? This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted.

More Login. Archived Discussion Load All Comments. Stupid Question Score: 2 , Interesting. Why couldn't you send the fan in after they told you? Even if I replaced the stock fan with some fancy lit liquid Nitrogen fan, I'd keep it around. After all, they do make nice fans, Intel. Score: 2 , Funny. Re:Stupid Question Score: 2. Not that he couldn't, he didn't. Nothing asked him to.

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Score: 2 , Informative. The heatsink and fan made its way over to Norway dont ask , but as u may guess, its on its way back now Score: 1. Actually, they do not always make nice fans, at least for their own processors. Overclockers and their "huge mamma" fans Score: 4 , Insightful. This is obviously a scheme to deter overclockers from scamming away at Intel's Expense. Holy shit, the 3. Let me try and get a new one. Oops, I glued on a custom industrial-quality fan to cool the damn thing.

I mean why would a person NOT use the fan provided by Intel in the retail package? The complete package is warranted, if something happens -- it is Intel's problem. So, don't put monster fans when the retail package will do. Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:Overclockers and their "huge mamma" fans Score: 2 , Interesting. The problem is that many places sell chips separate of fans. For example, newegg.

If I buy my chip and fan separately, why should I be penalized? Re:Overclockers and their "huge mamma" fans Score: 5 , Informative. Those with a separate fan are probably unboxed and thus considered OEM parts.