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Oh brother. We just 8 years of the Campaigner — in — Chief. Where was this journalistic rectal thermometer then. Just another article about words too long that merely takes another slap at Trump for something he far from initiated. These are the donors who buy the presidency and are as pixxed off that he won the election as are the media and the Dems. Lobbyists have never been shut out of the WH and Trump has told them he is not for sale. YOU think this is a good thing?

Stevenson, what are you drinking?

Trump has more lobbyists in his administration than probably any other president. Grow a brain! Trump needs to be impeached and tossed in prison. Then have the key thrown away so he will never be free. Then he can see how it feels not to have freedom. First, something positive.

Supreme Court blocks citizenship question, allows partisan gerrymandering

I was happy to learn of empirical information in article. President Trump conducted 57 political rallies.

  1. Supreme Court punts on partisan gerrymandering, sets up fight in the states!
  2. Anna Sui (Asian Americans of Achievement);
  3. Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences!

At least Trump is getting donations from willing donors. This secured his source of reelection funds for his reelection four years later. Are you on some kind of drugs? Writing in caps makes me think that you are grumpy old fart or a uneducated hillbilly. Mark Olalde American University fellow. Introduction The U. United States public domain.

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  • The Supreme Court Said Federal Courts Can’t Decide Partisan Gerrymandering Cases.
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  • Federal Politics A Republican wants old campaign cash to fund his nonprofit. A Democrat might show the way.

    Supreme Court OKs Excessive Partisan Gerrymandering | HuffPost

    Tom Price could find comfort from Heidi Heitkamp. Presidential campaign finance disclosures help gauge candidate viability and voter enthusiasm. This comment form is under antispam protection. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of.

    Will The Supreme Court Punt On Partisan Gerrymandering Again?

    No matter how blatantly or egregiously the lines are skewed, the federal judiciary will remain studiously above the fray. Legislators may choose their voters, rather than the other way around, and nobody will blink. The decision will give a bigger boost to Republicans, because they control more state houses and governor mansions. While it closes the door to claims of political gerrymandering, race-based gerrymandering remains subject to judicial review. In dutifully laying out the facts of cases from North Carolina and Maryland, the chief expressed no alarm and said little about the bigger picture.

    For partisan gerrymandering reform, the federal courts are closed

    The same advances in technology that permit modern gerrymanderers to carve precise maps to entrench their power afford challengers a tool to demonstrate just how engineered the lines are. Several states have, indeed, turned line-drawing over to independent commissions in an attempt to push toward fairer maps.

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    But curiously, in , Chief Justice Roberts wrote a strong dissent in a case narrowly upholding the constitutionality of just such a commission in Arizona. Which brings us back to Locke.

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    There is an obvious reason why legislative fixes are not on the horizon. With no one watching over them, and with increasingly sophisticated methods of identifying optimal maps to warp elections, legislators are now empowered to gerrymander at will. Join them. Subscribe to The Economist today. Media Audio edition Economist Films Podcasts. New to The Economist?

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