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University of Ottawa. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Stanford University. Universitat de Barcelona. Domstad, Utrecht. Beckmann's Hof, Ruhr University Bochum. Eindhoven Institute for Protection of Systems and Information. Tokyo International Forum. Kargadoor, Utrecht. Many different cryptographic algorithms are in widespread use, with many more implementations tuned for speed on different platforms.

A tiny bug anywhere in this code base can have disastrous consequences for security. For example, Brumley, Barbosa, Page, and Vercauteren exploited a miniscule carry bug in the commonly used OpenSSL cryptographic library to steal an SSL server's entire private key, allowing easy interception and forgery of user data. Standard software-testing techniques catch many bugs but did not catch further OpenSSL carry bugs announced in January and December Expert audits caught these bugs but certainly have not caught all bugs: auditing is far too time-consuming to scale to the entire cryptographic code base, never mind the question of whether the auditing is reliable.

This talk will present a successful example of a new strategy to integrate highly automated proofs of correctness into real-world cryptographic software engineering. This is joint work with Peter Schwabe. Lorentz Center, Leiden. BCN Utrecht. Radisson Blu Hotel Spitsbergen. Vergaderruimte Utrecht. Hotel en Congrescentrum De Reehorst, Ede. Aula der Wissenschaften, Vienna.

Chinese Satellite Relays a Quantum Signal Between Cities | WIRED

Byens Lys, Christiania. Quantum computers are coming! Congress Center Hamburg. Abstract: Last year your friend Karen joined the alternative music scene and sent you a sound track. Fortunately, Karen encrypted the email. Fast forward to Stasi 2. They still have a copy of Karen's ciphertext.

And here's the really bad news: they've just finished building a billion-qubit quantum computer. Back in , large general-purpose quantum computers haven't been built yet, but the consensus is that they will be built, and that they will allow well-funded attackers to retroactively break practically all of today's deployed public-key cryptography. RSA will be dead.

ECC will be dead. DSA will be dead. Fortunately, there are replacement public-key cryptosystems that have held up very well against analysis of possible attacks, including future quantum attacks. This talk will take a hands-on look at the two examples with the longest track records: namely, hash-based signatures Merkle trees and code-based encryption McEliece.

Internet Initiative Japan, Tokyo. Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur. Quantum Cryptanalysis. Hotel De Mendoza, Guadalajara. National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Daejeon.

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC)

Hilton Prague. Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut, Oberwolfach.

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National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg. Eindhoven Institute for the Protection of Systems and Information. Sofia Hotel Balkan. Queen Mary University of London. Washington Hilton. Chateau du Lac, Genval. Novotel Morumbi, Sao Paulo. Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. Paradise Hotel, Busan.

Chinese Coins & Crypto Regulation

Concordia University, Montreal. Hyundai Hotel, Gyeongju. Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto. Some of this data is sent unencrypted through the Internet, or sent encrypted to a company that passes the data along to us, but we learn much more when we have comprehensive direct access to hundreds of millions of disks and screens and microphones and cameras.

This talk explains how we've successfully manipulated the world's software ecosystem to ensure our continuing access to this wealth of data. This talk will not cover our efforts against encryption, and will not cover our hardware back doors. World Forum, The Hague. Hotel Scandic, Copenhagen. JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru. Park Inn Alexanderplatz, Berlin. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Colorado State University. University of Warwick. Distinguished Speakers session. Xlim, Limoges.

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Divani Caravel, Athens. Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay.

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Secret-key cryptography protects the confidentiality and integrity of the messages against any possible misbehavior by the intermediate network. Unfortunately, the trust that users place in secret-key cryptography has been repeatedly and flagrantly violated. Theory Seminar. Weizmann Institute of Science. University of Haifa. Modeling Intractability workshop. Ramon Inn, Mitzpe Ramon.

Gebouw Kroonjuweel, Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Hotel Jardin Tropical, Tenerife. Hotel Am Klouschter, Mondorf-les-Bains. Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. Grand Hotel Esplanade Berlin. Abstract: Secure cryptography does not need to be big and slow. Hotel Radisson Blu, Antwerp. All of those devices will talk to, and to some extent be controlled by, your smartphone. These communications will require cryptographic protection; but can your smartphone keep up with the load?

This talk will discuss the state of the art in smartphone cryptography. Finding the algorithm is a vastly larger computation than running the algorithm.